We are still continuing to invest equipment and inspection instruments every year to service our customer better.
Our current in-house production machinery and equipment are as follows:

CNC Lathe:CNC20L、Mazak Nex US200-2MSY、CNC GA-2600、CNC200L
Milling Machining Center: Mazak FJV200、KIRA TC30 Elite、YCM XV560、KIRA PC-30EA、SV50、YCM H500A、YCM FV102A、YCM H500A、YUM XV1020A(Vertical Machining center, horizontal Machining center).

5 Axis Machining Center:AKIRA-SEIKI RMV 250RT
3 dimension vibratory machine、Ultrasonic Cleaner、Kuka Robotic arm
Operatin20-hours basis.

Inspection instrument:
3-Dimensional precision measurement、Vision measuring system、Projector、Surface roughness tester、Height gauge、Micrometer、Depth gauge、Ring gauge、Thread ring gauge、Thread gauge, etc.

CNC Machining Tolerance Capability
Maximum Diameter Approximately 250mm
Maximum Length Approximately 500mm
Maximum Depth Approximately 120mm
Surface Roughness Approximately RA 0.3um
Surface Roughness  
Precision tolerance
Turning/Milling :0.007m

Software we use
Mega Cad (CAD/CAM)
Solid works,


Machining Capability

Max. Diamter 250 mm
Max. Length 500 mm
Max. Depth 120 mm
Surface Roughness Ra 0.3 um
Precision in Turning/Millin 0.007 mm
Software Mega CAD, SprutCAM